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by VanillaSpice The Minx told me to write for her. Earlier on, I’d asked her to read stuff I’d written before, and then to tell me what she thought. That afterwards she asked me to leave a mark on her site speaks for itself, I suppose. Or, she may just be humoring me. Either way, I’ll take it. And run. ‘What should I write about?’ “Fantasies.” Well. Fantasies. Well. Ok. I don’t know. Fantasies is such a broad term, if you think about it. Even sexually. So what to write about? Hmm…I like to think of myself as pretty vanilla. Well, at least compared to most people. Doggie? Reverse cowgirl? Even these Squatting Butterflies Minx has been preaching about, siwesmek. Missionary is the truth! Even then, I do have my moments of weakness…madness. This monologue could go a million different ways. I could talk about my sweet, sane fantasies. Tell you how I still find it hard to fantasize about my crushes taking me in the dead of night and fucking me a good one. All I want from them is just a kiss on the forehead, manze. Like in the movies.And to share a blanket with them on a cold July night and fall asleep under the stars because I’m hopeless. I could write about my childhood fantasies. How I used to dress up in my mother’s holey seat covers and strip for an imaginary audience of handsome rich men who’d be bidding for me. Or how this one time I was washing a thermos flask…and the pistoning motion got me all wound up. I was the President’s wife and his contemporaries had stopped over for tea and I was serving them in my tiny French maid outfit and the bubbles were everywhere… I may have been a closeted 9 yr-old exhibitionist. I could tell you all about my erased Opera Mini history. How I love reading about naughty school girls fingering their dripping snatches in the middle of summer, during a boring Chemistry lesson and clueless- sometimes not so clueless, cuckolded husbands being fucked by their wives’ strap-ons and lesbians with monster clits seducing bored suburban housewives……fuck! Heck, if you’re lucky, I just might tell you how Batman-Superman fanfics, where Batman makes the Man of Steel get on his knees and suck him off, get my clit so deliciously painfully aroused, I literally cum in seconds. The best bedtime stories; I have a catalogue of stories in my brain that I bring up when I get a little perky, needy, and want something to think about while I get intimate with myself. Or. Or, I could write about my fantasies of having my pussy ripped apart by a 11” mandingo, thick…veiny…pulsing in anticipation…out on the desert under the stars while we roll naked on the sand dunes…or burying my head in between one of my friend’s thighs…hearing her sing while I strum the 1000000 nerve endings on her hidden pearl…suffocating…or how sometimes I wish I was as brave and pasted as those ‘immoral’ [I call them sexually-liberated] Masaku7s girls who willingly got fucked out in the open…imagine the fear, the adrenalin…the cumming. So lucky. I could even go on about the clichés…(wo)men in uniform…strangers in a park…my sexy OBGYN…I could write details about one…or all of them…but like I said, I’m pretty vanilla compared to most people. Not much to write about.