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You’re laughing when he walks in. You don’t see him but you know he’s present. Every hair on your body, your pulse, your skin, the tingling ends at the apex between your thighs…he’s here. Your body has never been wrong. Not about him. You’d sensed him at Habesha too, during dinner. Then he’d passed by your window. The scent of his cologne assailed your senses and it took all your strength of will not to dash out of the booth and jump him in public. Had your friends noticed your reaction? You hoped not. Did they notice it now? You make your decision quick quick. Excuse yourself carry your bag and head for the loo. You pick a stall, off with your sensibleĀ  underwear, a spritz of your perfume – neck, tits, wrist, behind your knees, inner thighs. You’re not yet ready. An image formed in your mind’s eye of his naked body looming over you, hard, poised for penetration. One, two, three fingers slide right in. In and out they moved. Your thumb is teasing your nubbin into rock hardness and peak sensitivity. Your other hand plays with your tits. Pinching one nipple then the other. They’re poking out, dark aereolas clearly visible through your chiffon top. Two, three minutes. You’re almost there. You close your eyes and focus on the sensations coursing through your body. The door opens. A hand goes on top yours, stopping its action on your drenched muff. His lips on yours. You inhale and his manly smell, cologne and an underlying muskĀ  that’s just him. You wrap your hands around him, pulling him deeper for the kiss. 2 seconds and he pushes you away. You open your eyes, confused and find that the stall door is open. Anyone walking in will be treated to the erotic sight of you with your short skirt hiked up, a foot high up resting on the rim of the toilet bowl, pussy wide open, the moist pinkness beckoning. You want to tell him to shut the door but you’re bound to silence. You know the rules. No talking. Besides, he’s already turning you around and bending you over. You face hits the toilet seat cover. He pulls back your arms, holds then to your back by the wrists and uses them as leverage to pull you back onto his waiting dick. The head is massive and you gasp as he enters you, filling you up. He doesn’t stop pulling you back until his whole length is buried inside you and your ass is resting on his hairy groin. You can feel the hairs tickling your sensitive cheeks and it only serves to make you wetter as you start grinding your bum against him. You get a smack for that! It’s against the rules. One hand is on your wrists behind your back and the other grabs you by the hair and pulls hard. A reminder that this is his game. He’s in control. Of course he is. You’re his slut! The thrusts are hard and strong. He’s hitting you so deep you’re sure he’s beating against your cervix. Every time he pulls back his massive dick head grazes your g spot and you can feel the pressure building. You contract your pussy muscles around him and he yanks on your hair. None of that, you’re not there for your own pleasure. A few more thrusts and he fills your pot with his hot hot honey. He withdraws with a pop and by the time you stand up and turn around he’s already gone. His cum is trickling down your thigh. You scoop it up with your finger and bring it up to your mouth. Salty. You scoop more up and run the finger through your battered pussy. Your clit is still hard, throbbing with excitement. Using his cum as lube, you take a few minutes to rub one out. The stall door is still open but you don’t care. Let them come in and see a wanton woman take her pleasure in a public restroom.restroom