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afr ero It starts with a tug, at your shirt (Notice me), a hand brushed here ever so hintingly (I want…no,), an accidental bump. Then, comes the hug, the peck, the full-on kiss, and the searching hands, frantic, over, under, here, there (I need). Off it unclasps, unzipped, to the floor it whispers (Have me). I can smell you, feral and ready and hot. Each button is a fire unquenched, raging at every pop. Off comes the shirt, and the jeans. Do you know? It’s more enjoyable to undress you than to watch you undress? Your smell. I love your smell (Feel me). Where are we now? On the floor, on the bed, on the moon, for all we know. And now, everything comes off, and your bosom is where my redemption and damnation lie. I think I’m on top of you. I don’t know anymore (Take me). The world is spinning as your lips search my mouth and my tongue lives in yours. A bite. Blood on my lower lip (Love me). I scratch your back (Never let me go). I don’t want to let you go. Your inners, my undies and heaven’s gates open (Harder). But not yet. Not just yet. We aren’t there…yet, This is the beauty of it, the edge (Faster). Completely naked, I can feel your heart beat, your hungry breath on my skin. Your skin is on fire and my hands are trying to stop you from being burned (Love me). Your lips are ready (Love me). I was born ready for you (Please). This is it, agonizing anticipation (Don’t let go).   Collaborative piece by MM and Minx afr ero  

Her shoes were killing her. But Loboutins were worth the death of your heel. The walk to the bed was a slow sashay of the hips, as if performing to a silent orchestra. She loosened the belt of her knee-length trench-coat, then let it drop to the floor with one shrug of her supple shoulders. Standing there, nude, statuesque, she could feel his eyes, like hot coals, boring into her back. She smiled to herself. She knew his eyes paid special attention to her plump butt-cheeks. Her ass was like two huge scoops of ice-cream, so perfectly round and creamy he could only imagine what they’d taste like on his tongue. The contour from her hip, to her thighs, those thick and succulent thighs, was at the moment threatening to send him over the rails. He maintained his cool and walked towards her, his dick hard, pulsating in his boxers, eager to taste the morsel that stood before it. afrhmm He grabbed her shoulders from behind, pulling her closer to his chest. She was enveloped in his muscular arms, aching to lose herself in his embrace. She spun round on her heel to face her Adonis. He was beautiful, she thought to herself. She couldn’t wait to cup that handsome face with her thighs and let him taste her already dripping centre. With his left hand, he pulled her close by the waist, and with his right he lifted her chin up closer to his mouth. When their lips met, the velvet touch of his tongue sent soft tremors through her body, straight down to her moist pussy. He leaned into her, making her backtrack, falling down down down until the obstacle that was the bed, hindered any more movement. She didn’t stay down for long and sat up as soon as her back hit the covers. His wry smile, beckoned her to unbuckle his belt and pull down his denim pants. His dick jutted out, as soon as his boxers were removed. It pointed at her. She tried to hide her astonishment but her face was awash with excitement. It wasn’t threateningly huge, but it was big. She looked up at him and smiled. With her eyes still fixed upon his, she opened her mouth, and took him in. Suckling just  the knob at first, before engulfing him whole, until he felt the back of her throat wrapped gently around the head of his dick. She did this all the while suckling his shaft with her soft tongue. She could see his eyes glaze over with ecstasy with every bobbling motion her head made. He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, he was about to explode into her mouth. He pulled out, just as the sensations threatened to overwhelm him. Gently holding her head, he laid her down and parted her thighs, kneeling so that his lips were at a level with her most carnal centre, the musk of her wet pussy wafting into his nostrils. He went dizzy with desire. He licked her outer lips, and worked his way in. Lapping up her wetness, spreading it over her engorged lips. He pinched the hood, covering her clit, making the fabled little knob come into the light, out of  hiding. He licked it once, she trembled. He smiled. He suckled her nubbin, in-between tongue kissing the inside of her pussy. It didn’t take long before she started to grind her hips to meet his warm mouth. She could feel the tidal wave, edging closer and closer. The shivers went all the way to her slender toes. Her breathe hastened, she was now heaving. He concentrated his attentions, exclusively on her knob. She reached down to his head and held it. Not so much for direction, but as a handle for what was coming next. Her guttural moan and the way her lithe form was shaking, let him know that he had sent her over the edge and into oblivion. All flush and disoriented, she let out a small laugh. She pulled him on to the bed, turned him onto his back and straddled his thick staff. He glided right in, aided by her creamy pulsating lips, still quivering and twitching from her recent orgasm. She leaned down to kiss him and tasted herself on his lips. He thrust his hips up and down to meet her ass riding him ever so gently. She started to suck his dick in using her pussy. Kegels, a girls best friend. It had the desired effect. It felt like she was giving him a blowjob with her vaginal walls. Her held onto her hips and drove deeper into her. afrer She cried out, he was on her G-spot. She could feel it coming over her again, he was big and his head touched her right there! He continued to pummel away at her, hitting that sweet spot over and over again. Tears welled up in her eyes, she was cumming. She could see it in his eyes, he was cumming too. She dug her fingers into his shoulders, as he dug his into the flesh of her ass. They rode the wave together, his cum dripping onto his balls and onto the bed. Looking into each others eyes, they descended the heights of ecstasy together. She giggled, the giggle of a high-school girl who just been wooed out of her panties by Prince Charming for her first time. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “Cut!!! Hio ni poa sana! Take five Maureen. Nyash, ume fuck huyo dem vipoa sana. Tutarudi ku film scene ya pili after the break.” The director motioned to his crew to take a  break. Maureen took the towel hanging over the director’s seat and wiped off Nyash’s sperm and her sweat. It was her first day on set. She hoped to be the next big thing, on the Kenyan porn industry. It was daunting, but at least she got to wear Loboutins.