Drunken Fun

afr What is it about drunk sex that’s so like that *stare at image above for not less than 20 seconds*? Is it the loss of inhibition? Not caring how how your hastily thrown on mother’s union panties and discolored bra makes you look? Or how small she thinks you D is? Maybe it’s because you almost never know each other, that you’re willing to be yourself in these moments. You’re safe in the knowledge that he won’t remember you kept shouting your cousin’s name that you’ve had a crush on since you were kids, hell, he doesn’t even know you’re cousins! It’s probably because she doesn’t flinch when you do the ‘wrong’ hole routine and instead pushes her ass back onto your D without hesitation. I remember the first time I had drunken sex. Unlike you people I’m very calculating about my sexual conquests and had read enough literature that told me alcohol inhibits sexual pleasure. LIES!!! That first time happened in 2012, in my friend’s bathroom in Nyayo Estate. It was magic! I seduced him, totally worth the trouble. Our first time together. Doggie style on the bathroom floor, only made better by the fact that in our haste to copulate, we forgot to shut the door and my friend came in to pee. She wasn’t even shocked and had the nerve to make comments about my mate’s boxers as she went. Needless to say, I was hooked! The next few months were spent having as much drunk sex as I could. My partner was only too willing to bend to my budding alcoholic ways and it was 6 months before I realized I had to duplicate the magic in a healthy sober environment. It was hard. Sober sex is the reason why marriages fail I tell you!!! Two years later I’m still searching for the guy that’ll give me the magic of drunk sex without the aid of the almighty vodka. Oh, you didn’t know? I’m a TOTAL romantic!!!