So, I’m not one to complain and leave out the solution and given the magnanimous mood I’m in today, you might just get more than you bargained for. Too bad, so sad. Zero apologies from me.

Given my own sexual experience in solo exploration, I know that you can never EVER go wrong paying special to what the French eloquently call ‘le mbosho’. The magic button that’s the only body part created purely for pleasure. Why on earth would you go poking poking within her depths for the unicorn that’s the gspot, when 10 thousand nerve endings are right out there in one little bundle begging for your careful consideration? Why?!!

Mind my language boo, I said careful. Don’t paw it like an idiot mongrel! Instead, caress it lightly, like the delicate petal it is. Kiss it, don’t bite. Lick it. It’s important to keep the pretty little nubine well lubricated; the consequences of abrasive behavior is pain and torture for your girl.

Every girl has a special set of moves that get her to climax quick quick like. Some go for continuous direct contact with the clit, touch it and she climbs the stair way to heaven in 60 seconds. For others, no, they can’t stand all that sensation, so they prefer indirect stimulation. Play with the spaces around it. Pinching the fleshy parts, rubbing, loving them. She savors the feeling and the road to paradise is the scenic one, for her.

If you insist on feeling around her wet parts with your unwashed germ laden digits, then this is the way to go. I guarantee shivers and shakes, moans and screems, a few farts and…ha! I was about to get disgusting (haven’t I already though?)