Aphrodisiac Loving

It’s been a while since I’ve tried something new. Mostly because I’ve realized Kenyan men are generally scared of change, especially when it sexual in nature. It’s always disheartening when you tell a guy you want to be handcuffed to a bed and he messes up or disappears soon after. I decided to try an aphrodisiac. Where I live, the coast, the aphrodisiac they swear their lives on is kukumanga (the name says it all eh?) aka nutmeg. My friend put it in our tea with ginger and warned me to make plans to get some or I’d go nuts. I didn’t believe her. Biiiig mistake. 30 minutes later I was in a car headed to a distinctly none sexual destination and all I could thing about was sex (not so abnormal) and worse, I couldn’t stop thinking about giving the guy driving a handjob. The thought of  touching him consumed me. I needed to feel him, to turn him on, to make him want me! He sat there oblivious to how wet I was and it only made  me hornier! Every time he changed gear I pressed my thighs together with anticipation. Would that he’d move those supple fingers from that stick onto my knee, up my thigh into my knickers! “Touch me!” I silently begged! “Turn your car into one of these bushes and fuck me! Please!” Then he’d talk and all I could see were his lips moving and I would imagine how soft and pliant they’d be against mine. The sweet saliva coating my lips as his tongue probed mine. I wondered, would he? Would he kiss me and relieve me of this deafening tension? He didn’t and I died, many deaths, over and over again,until the only death was one induced by him, and I was satisfied. It was only later that I remembered…hmmm, kukumanga.