Biting The Button And Other Fails

I promised a sequel to jana’s post and boys, it’s your turn. I hate head! Hate it! I could have been right at the top of the pleasure mountain but when you go down on me you take me all the way back to zero! Usually it’s after you’ve been making out for a while… His hands travel, first your boobs and ass. Squeezing, rubbing you against him so that you feel the effect you have on him. He gets hard just as his hand goes under your shirt and finds your nipple through your bra (benefits of going un-padded ladies 😉 ) pinches it, rolls it around his fingers. You feel it getting hard the pleasure traveling down to center at the apex between your thighs. His tongue is telling tales in your mouth, getting thoroughly acquainted with yours. He knows your buccal cavity so well your dentist would be jealous. Wait, stop thinking of your dentist, concentrate! The pleasure is intense. You rub your thighs and you’re slippery. You’re sure your panties are a mess! ‘That’s it!’ You want him and you want him NOW! You need to hurry things up. You put your hands under his shirt *shudder*. His body feels so good under your finger. Your whole body responds and you realize there’s no time. You’ll explore him afterwards. Downwards your hands go, a tug on his belt and he knows you mean business. Two seconds later, after a flurry of activity, you’re naked under him and his fingers open you up to begin exploring. You’re dripping. You’re sure that in a few seconds it’s his D inside you pounding away at your hole in endless abandon. You’re wrong. He lowers his body downwards and begins what proves to be an endless futile mission to make you cum with his tongue. Most of you fake it to avoid discouraging these kind men that insist on eating you out , others aren’t so kind and will openly tell him that he’s doing nothing down there. You know when you have a cold and you’re all stuffed up even biriyani tastes like salty cardboard That’s what it feels like. It’s not entirely unpleasant and I know it’s well meant but that tongue moving on my cooch never feels like I know it should. I give instructions, or at least try to…my thighs are massive and once your ears are between then hakuna chenye utaskia. By the time I’m done faking it and insisting he goes inside me now, I’m mostly cooled off and nothing he does will make me cum at this point except maybe start over 🙁 Then of course there’s the fingering i talked about before, a friend of mine commented “Ni kama waliambiwa kuna one bob huko ndani!” A few pointers for you fellows, stick to the clit, pay attention. Think of it like a little dick and play with it until it gets hard. The harder the better. Don’t try to suck it until it’s hard otherwise you’re at zero work. Be gentle, absolutely NO BITING! Not unless she’s a freak like that and and wants you to. Alternatively, you could let her sit on your face. Stick your tongue out and let her ride you like a bronco. I can’t emphasize enough on the ‘no biting during oral’ part. You want to please, not get kicked in the mouth.