Minx, Shenanigans

Boardroom Shenanigans

images_6 1:50 pm. I walk in. You’re seated at the head of the long table reading through some papers, forehead creased in concentration. You’re nervous. Your big meeting is set to start in 10 minutes. I’m horny. I don’t care. A few steps and I’m right next to you. You open your mouth to talk but I don’t let you get a word in. I bend down and plant my lips right on top of yours tongue darting in to stifle any errant sounds you might think to produce. You stand up from your chair hoping to push me away, our lips are still conjoined and I’m not about to let you go. I wiggle my butt onto the boardroom table as I wrap my arms around your neck and my legs around your hips. A poke on your ass with my heels brings you closer so that your hardening manhood is grinding onto my extremely sensitive pussy lips. I frigged my cunt good before I showed up at your office, hot and ready. I pull my lips away from yours to whisper in your ear, “If you don’t get your trousers out of the way you’re going to have to explain away the extremely embarrassing wet spot I’ll leave behind, to your board.” A little fiddling and your rock hard member is free. I try to pull you inside me but you’ve got other ideas. In an unprecedented feat of strength, you extricate me from your body and turn me around. I’m now bent over. One hand holds me down so that my face is on the table, the other reaches under my impossibly short skirt to find no panties to pull aside. Pleasantly surprised, you enter me fully in one swift motion. I moan long and hard. “Silence!” You order. And so begins the dance. In and out. Short hard thrusts alternating with long languid ones. I lift my right leg and grind my ass into your groin, round and round as I squeeze my pussy around your cock. You groan and it’s my turn to whisper, “Silence.” It doesn’t take long and the pressure builds. I look at the clock! Shit a minute to 2. They’ll find us. I explode at that thought and my contractions carry you along with me on my journey to nirvana. A pull here, a tug there, a wet wipe through my swollen, thoroughly satisfied lower lips and a kiss on your cheek. I walk out just as the first one walks in.