Minx, Poetry

Build Up

afr ero It starts with a tug, at your shirt (Notice me), a hand brushed here ever so hintingly (I want…no,), an accidental bump. Then, comes the hug, the peck, the full-on kiss, and the searching hands, frantic, over, under, here, there (I need). Off it unclasps, unzipped, to the floor it whispers (Have me). I can smell you, feral and ready and hot. Each button is a fire unquenched, raging at every pop. Off comes the shirt, and the jeans. Do you know? It’s more enjoyable to undress you than to watch you undress? Your smell. I love your smell (Feel me). Where are we now? On the floor, on the bed, on the moon, for all we know. And now, everything comes off, and your bosom is where my redemption and damnation lie. I think I’m on top of you. I don’t know anymore (Take me). The world is spinning as your lips search my mouth and my tongue lives in yours. A bite. Blood on my lower lip (Love me). I scratch your back (Never let me go). I don’t want to let you go. Your inners, my undies and heaven’s gates open (Harder). But not yet. Not just yet. We aren’t there…yet, This is the beauty of it, the edge (Faster). Completely naked, I can feel your heart beat, your hungry breath on my skin. Your skin is on fire and my hands are trying to stop you from being burned (Love me). Your lips are ready (Love me). I was born ready for you (Please). This is it, agonizing anticipation (Don’t let go).   Collaborative piece by MM and Minx afr ero