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He said He’d give us good women in all corners, then he made the world round Then laughed his ass off without making a damn sound I speak to a chick, she think my shit is profound Then I make her cum so many times that she lose count.

First its hi there, and its nice to meet ya Scope the pedicure then her backyard features If she keep stroking her hair then I’m a hit that Till that pussy red like the wrapper of a KitKat I’m equal opportunity but I like it if her ass fat.

So when she sits on my face I’m breathing like I have a gas mask If she call me and get rejected that means I blocked her They get possessive coz I eat pussy like it was prescribed by Doctor When she blows me, she gagging I throw her some Cofta Then she suck it till she’s all blue, Diego Costa.

Sometimes they need instructions so I’m like “You gotta swallow it this way” So before she rides, she spits on it like Shetani Ashindwe After four rounds she get tyred like Kingsway I just made her pussy creamy like chocolate swirl Then make her call two of her friends now its the Powerfpuff girls Mess up their self-esteem and Yaki Brazilian curls.

They say that D built like a bruiser Coo at my girl and tell her she lucky I chose her. In her campus dorm I hit it before she does her homework like Eve D’Souza. Sure baby you can play a love song And fantasize. She want me to wear a rubber, I didnt know they made protection in my size So when you’re hearing her sharp cries I’m on the 51st shade in between her thighs.

Its the Knight that gives you a facial Been in love with the Kardashians so I’m trying to do it interracial Thats three sisters and I, you gotta love the ratio My verses are Classic like that station on the radio.


afrisex3 Let me taste you, just a little. But you are tasting me. I like it so very much I want more. You can’t have it all at once. You’ll die  of awesomeness poisoning, and we can’t have that. Ha ha ha! Ok. I’ll bite 😀 No, I’ll nibble. Nibble away, baby. Slowly….. Slowly. Put it here. *Puts it there.* A lick and it’ll go even slower. A lick where? Wherever you want it. Behind my ear. I’ll lick it then blow gently into the wet spot. Your turn. Where do you want this tongue to play? On my lips. Touch them with just the tip. Just the tip of… what? Your tongue. Alright, let’s start with that. So, I run my tongue gently along your lips. What do they taste like… Honey and pepper. Then you… I part them slightly and the tip on my tongue tastes yours a little before I shut my lips again. You taste of nuts and cream. I pull you closer, close enough to fell your heart thumping through your chest. I inhale you, then I bite your lower lip… I sigh out loud and you take advantage of my parted lips and kiss me deeply. I wrap my arms around your torso and push myself up, into you. I grab your arse, hard, and kiss you full-on your moist supple lips. I can feel you hardening against my front. I bite your lower lip and widen my legs a little… Soft flower, ready flower, I can feel her pulsating moisteness. She is ready. I can barely remember our clothes coming off… She is ready, that heady musk hits my brain like a train. *LONG INTERMISSION* Sorry, phonecall. Oh timber. I call timber. Warm, strong, poised. Iron. Ready for me. Heated. Rhythmic. Pulsating in time with my fleshy folds.   afr ero   Heaven, this is what it is. Hell, these thirsts seem unquenchable. Are you the one to sate me, free me in your chains? Can you find satisfaction with one intent on increasing the depth of your longing? Can you be sated? Because I never want you to feel sated so long as you’re intent on invoking this deep, heated… Can satisfaction come from an increase in hunger? Isn’t that we’re here? To figure that out? What if we never do? What if… What if… What if… What if we do? What if we do and it’s all boring from then henceforth? We love or we learn. Forever doesn’t have to happen but we can search for it. Even a slice of it is more than many people will ever experience. As I said, perfect :-* :-* :-* Perfect is flawed. Beautifully. Painfully. Give me the beauty, give me your flaws, give me all your ugly and your insane. All the rage and your pain. I can find light all on my own. It’s your darkness that I want. You’ll have it. I used to run away from myself and it’s tiring. This is me. Warts and desires and dreams and fears. Thank you, for sharing myself with you. Ha ha, I should thank you. I can be naked with you. And you have been naked with me. I think there’s space enough for both of us to be thankful. afrhm What are you afraid of? You’ve been so busy thinking of all sorts of kinky things to do with me you’ve forgotten 😉 Ha ha ha, no. You’re afraid of disappointing your parents. What else? I’m scared of not doing anything with my life, of being a loser, of failing to live up to my potential. What are you afraid of? I’m afraid of being forgotten. Of never accomplishing anything life changing, not for me but for others. I want to be remembered a thousand years from now. I’m afraid of death, of loss in general. I’m a hoarder of souls. I don’t like to let go. These last two, I can relate to. I hate losing friends. I can’t imagine that all that emotion expended was for nothing. I know! Have you ever been at a point in your life where things just seem so undecipherable and nothing seems to be working? And then one thing or one relationship males sense and works? Then you find yourself grasping at it and the harder you grasp, the more it slips? Yeah, in my last relationship. That’s what it was like at the end. School and life in general. Nothing makes sense any more and trying to unravel it all….. When everything’s going wrong and you’re clinging to just that one relationship, it’s probably the reason everything is wrong in the first place. I agree. But what if there’s nothing to grasp? Like you’re floating in a vacuum? You let yourself float then the universe gets a chance to decant you from the mess of a life that’s not meant for you. Haven’t we floated long enough? Yes, but this fluid we’re in isn’t as viscous as the last. I’m finding it easier to navigate, to ground myself. I’ve never felt more lost. You’re a stranger and I’m baring it all to you. You can only find something after you’ve lost it. Maybe it’s because you’ve been waiting for me, you don’t sound like a stranger at all. It does feel strange, to some degree, after a lifetime of wearing masks. ….And that’s one hell of a pick-up line. Smooth 😉 Is it scary? Thank you 😉 Not any more. What does one really have to lose, being completely honest and open? The best interactions are based on this, so it’s a great place to start. I wish I could see your face as you say these things. Just to witness the intensity of all these revelations. Very few people can stand this intensity. Are you sure you’re ready? I’m not just ready, I’ll match you heat for heat, emotion for emotion, promise for promise. Let’s dance, let’s dalliance too. I like that. No. I love it. Give me more. Slowly, mami, slowly… I’m impatient for you 🙁 Show me, how do you look today? Scruffy, like the writer stereotype :-/ I have a thing for writers. They have a thing for you too 😉 There’s only one I’m interested in 😉 *blush* Evening walk. Catch you in a bit. Keep your panties on. I didn’t wear any 😉 images-2

afr ero It starts with a tug, at your shirt (Notice me), a hand brushed here ever so hintingly (I want…no,), an accidental bump. Then, comes the hug, the peck, the full-on kiss, and the searching hands, frantic, over, under, here, there (I need). Off it unclasps, unzipped, to the floor it whispers (Have me). I can smell you, feral and ready and hot. Each button is a fire unquenched, raging at every pop. Off comes the shirt, and the jeans. Do you know? It’s more enjoyable to undress you than to watch you undress? Your smell. I love your smell (Feel me). Where are we now? On the floor, on the bed, on the moon, for all we know. And now, everything comes off, and your bosom is where my redemption and damnation lie. I think I’m on top of you. I don’t know anymore (Take me). The world is spinning as your lips search my mouth and my tongue lives in yours. A bite. Blood on my lower lip (Love me). I scratch your back (Never let me go). I don’t want to let you go. Your inners, my undies and heaven’s gates open (Harder). But not yet. Not just yet. We aren’t there…yet, This is the beauty of it, the edge (Faster). Completely naked, I can feel your heart beat, your hungry breath on my skin. Your skin is on fire and my hands are trying to stop you from being burned (Love me). Your lips are ready (Love me). I was born ready for you (Please). This is it, agonizing anticipation (Don’t let go).   Collaborative piece by MM and Minx afr ero