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FacialKnight, Fantasy, Thriller

Her size 38E Lime Green bra hang on her full breasts, even as she pulled the straps down the sides of her arms. A small giggle escaped her lips, the light caress of the bra fabric against her nipples tantalizing her. She had looked forward to this the whole day, when she would peel off the body-hugging dress and tend to the throbbing that emanated from between her thighs.

She threw the bra on the floor, it landed next to the mountain of clothes that she’d been meaning to wash for the last two days. Sitting on the edge of the bed,she slowly slid her panties down her Rose tattooed thighs. The wet blotch in the panties’ crotch was visible to the eye,evidence of how moist her pussy had gotten. Sandra lay back on her back, her legs spread eagle, giving her fingers access the wet mound. She dipped her middle finger into the honey pot, the wetness greeting her touch as she spread it around her Clit. She did so again, this time much deeper, he finger rubbing her G-spot. She curled her finger and ran it over the small roughness, the sensations racing through her entire being.

With closed eyes and sharp focus on the wet knob between her legs, Sandra’s breath quickened with every motion her fingers made. Small moans filled the stillness of her room. She could feel it rising, that sweet pressure in her pussy,begging for release. She gripped her bedsheet, her other hand trembling in anticipation. Her succulence dripped from her pussy, down in-between her ass cheeks and on to the bed. Sandra’s Orgasm tore through her torso with her hips raised off the bed, her moans now guttural noises, testifying to the pleasure that coursed through her body.

She collapsed in a heap, of satisfied human flesh. Panting, struggling to catch her breath,an effortless smile forming across her lips. The dying embers of her Orgasm seemed to make her legs feel as if they weighed a tonne, rendering her immobile as her bedroom door was flung open by a very tall figure that lunged at her. Sandra’s scream barely made it past her tongue as a strong hand muffled it. In the corner of her eye, she saw the gleam of a knife, nestling just above her left clavicle.

“There, there Sandy. Can I call you Sandy?”

Terror glazed her eyes. He knew her!

“I’ve been watching you, I feel as though we’ve been friends forever. But you’ve been a very, very naughty girl haven’t you?”

Sandra shook her head in desperate disagreement. Her silent cries pleading with her assailant.

“SHUT UP WHORE! I’ve been watching you defile your sweet body. You’ve been fucking them all haven’t you? Phil, Maxwell, Sammy. Oh, you thought I didn’t know? You swallowed Sammy’s seed in your mouth while he was seated in that chair over there”

Tears streamed down Sandra’s face at the realization that she’d been in his crosshairs for a long time. How long had he been watching her? Why was he watching her? Now that he was her, what was he going to do?

“You young girls think you’re so special. Opening your legs to every boy with a hardon, instead of saving it for marriage. Your virginity is supposed to be a gift to your husband, you slut! You don’t deserve a husband, and you’ll never have one”

He moved his hand from her mouth to her neck, choking her firmly.

“ Please,don’t..don’t do this! I’ll give you anything you wa…..”. Sandra’s words got caught in her throat as the large blade was plunged into her rib-cage. In her final moments, she could feel her trachea being crushed under his murderous grip.

Her heartbeat faded, into the stillness of the night. Life slowly draining from her once beautiful eyes.

(3 DAYS LATER,in a news report)

“And in other news, a Woman’s dead body has been discovered in Umoja Estate in what seems to be series of murders being dubbed by the public as The Shaming Killings. The three previous victims have been found in the same manner,disrobed and with the word “SLUT” carved on their stomachs. The DCI couldn’t be reached for comment at this time. And now for the Sports Bulletin”