Charlie’s Rage

“Don’t ever make me jealous” He says. I nod, too confused to speak. Flashback on the events that preceded me being tied up and teased into submission. image He is screaming blue murder as he rams his fist into Jack’s face over and over. I am screaming, begging him to stop as the people from the party rush out to see the commotion. Some guys finally hold him back. Jack staggers onto his feet, his face is bloody. “WHAT THE FUCK BRO?” he shouts at my man…I tell him to get back in the house to avoid more chaos. The host is angry because the neighbours have started calling her asking about the whole melee and in that instance I get sober. He scares me when he gets angry, it’s a part of him that I avoid at all costs. He is seated on the hood of his car, his body visibly shaking in anger. I walk towards him, slowly.
You…damn.YOU HAVE NO SHAME” he shouts.
I’m crying.
You call me up to pick you then i find you and him frolicking right outside the gate…Zero shame
Our gazes are levelled now. He is breathing fire and brimstone. “Your tears don’t move me.” I try and touch him and he slaps my hand away. This is bad. By now everyone has gotten back to the house for the initial housewarming party and its just us two outside in the cold. The cold that I don’t even feel for the fear that fills me to the core. “Babe, please, he didn’t touch me!!!” I cry! “I don’t care, I have warned you about that…boy enough times” he says voice full of pained disgust. “I’m sorry!!!” I beg and hug him forcefully. He stands there like a boulder, unmoved. I hold him like a vice as I sob into his chest, hoping the tears will quench some of his thirst for vengeance. They don’t. “Stop it!” he is calm now.”I said stop! Here, my hands are hurt, take the keys…some lessons need to be learnt in a manner that you will become accustomed to, let’s go home.” I know what he means and that my body cannot withstand that torture. As I drive down from Kitengela I keep on apologizing hoping to deter him. He just rubs his sore knuckles in silence. We stop at South C’s Oil Libya and get a bottle of Famous Grouse, he opens it on site and takes a huge gulp. That’s it, he is still angry. We get to his place, I suck at parking  so it takes a while, but then again it could just be stalling tactics and he calls me out on it. He leads me towards his apartment as he takes more gulps. I know what this is, we’ve been here before, but am afraid of him and what he might will do to me. image
Don’t ever make me jealous!
He is peeling of my dress roughly and tearing my thigh high stockings. “Sit!” he orders. I comply. He takes another gulp from the bottle. “Part your legs!” He is treating me like a whore…I cry. ” Whaaaaaat?” he is removing my bra and pulling my nipples roughly. The pleasure and the pain have my body in disarray. He kneels between my spread legs and pushes me back to lay on the bed. “I won’t share this,” he kisses my inner thigh. I squirm in pleasure. “Relax woman!” He is leaving  a trail of kisses down my thighs then takes a pause to look at me and desire rips me apart at the seems. “New panties,” he says as he playfully tags on the hem. I nod. “I like them.” He kisses the little triangle of fabric then slowly removes them and buries his head…there.That tongue, those lips and ultimate surrender to his lusty nature sends me cumming in ways that are unknown. image He is on top of me now, biting my ear as he rams me endlessly. Too rough. Aiming for his own pleasure. He stops and looks at me “Will you let him touch what’s mine??” I shake my head. His look softens, placated, and he goes slow as he looks at me dead in the eyes. We watch each other as we get consumed in that fire we know all too well. We swear our love to each other as we climax and go limp. I know that it has just begun, he is a marathon man and that was just the warm up. image