Eat your P’s kid!

afrhead A friend of mine swears he can’t eat vagina.  Don’t worry,  I have put our friendship under investigation, like, how did this neanderthal make it into my list of friends? Men can be selfish idiots! They will want a girl to get on all fours and lick their balls but will not reciprocate. There should be a law against this. Lock up those bastards the same way they lock up their tongues. Who wouldn’t want to partake in this most delicious treat that even culinary masters can’t cook up? You don’t know what you’re missing.  That look on her face when you lift up her skirt and you go down, and she realizes what you are about to do. You caress her legs as you kiss her inner thighs. You part her legs so you can have unfettered access to her already glistening mound. She trembles at your deliberate touch, as you spread her wetness around her lady lips. Then you kiss them – those luscious lips, her sharp inhalation lets you know you are heading the right way (hehe, ‘head’ing). Your tongue invades her cherry coloured chamber and wanders up and  down as if searching for the light switch. The tangy taste of her juices lines your tongue and bombards your senses with the aroma of ecstasy! Her hips shift. You search for the little knob atop her vulva and draw circles around it with your tongue. Draw it into your mouth and massage it with your tongue while French kissing the rest of pink flesh. It is a struggle for her to keep her sanity and not allow the neighbours to know she is being driven to the edge and about to fall over. Her clitoris is now engorged and seems like its about to pop. Your face is buried in her hole and you are going at it with all the elegance of  a renaissance artiste. She is bucking with reckless abandon, and you’re holding her down. She shakes violently while holding her breathe then all of sudden…. she arches her back and suspends it mid air for a few seconds…. she has reached the heavens and is slowly coming back down to Earth. How would you not want that?!