Feeding the Sexy Beast

It had occurred to me that probably the reason most people had unfulfilled sex lives was not because they didn’t know the Kamasutra by heart, or they didn’t have a subscription to Pornhub, it was because of their feeding habits. Oh, you didn’t think that your creamy vagina was depending on what you put in your mouth? (not a penis for christ’s sake).
Sex is like a sport, you need to be well practiced, well rested, well exercised and most importantly, well nourished. Our Generation, though, is married to KFC, with Pizza Inn as the mistress and Kenchic as the rachet ex girlfriend. We feed our bodies trash and this reflects in every part of our lives, then we wonder why ours is a sexually frustrated nation.
So, for your next meal, order some food that will do wonders for your bump and grind. Salads and leafy green vegetables dilate blood vessels so that your genitals can easily be engorged with blood for arousal. This will enhance your prospects for a healthy clit and a harder dick. Unsweetened Tea will also help in blood flow. I emphasize on unsweetened because excessive consumption of sugar prevents the production of endorphins which make you depressed. Nobody wants to have depressed sex! Fruits, especially citric ones improve sperm count and motility.
So, if you are planning on having a family or adding on to the one you already have,stock up on the oranges and peaches (and Huggies,your kid wont shit on Orange peels). Now for the fun foods! Watermelons and Pineapples make sperm and vaginal fluid adapt their tastes! Yes! Imagine eating her pussy and being met with the taste of Del Monte! I will stay there for an extra half hour!! I dare say it will also eliminate the fear Ladies have of swallowing cum. It will be easier if it has a hint of Watermelon to it, won’t it ladies?
So what have we learnt today kids? Eat your veggies and fruits, then proceed to eat out your partner! Dig in, Lunch is served.