FIRST TIME by Sakajawea

Losing it. It was a hot summer afternoon, I was just laying on my couch cruising through the TV channels when he calls. “Have you had lunch? ” Obviously not so he comes over with lunch. We eat and then cuddle… “How does a virgin cuddle?” I asked myself. I can cuddle! I don’t know if it was the heat or our raging hormones but I wanted him, more so because he wanted me. That turned me on! I just had to do it. Of course thoughts of all those religious sermons about holding onto your virginity until you got married, rang in my head! I wondered if they ever had raging hormones begging to be released? It ain’t easy to tame, that rage. How they make it sound so easy! Be a Virgin! I kissed him, he moved closer. I kissed his neck, he undid my bra. He undressed me like I was a toy! How do you tame your hormones? I was scared. “Will he put his whole dick inside of me?” I was 25 a virgin. In a matter of seconds…pop…he popped my cherry. It was like an injection, one sharp pain then done. He continued fucking me, then he just kissed me on my forehead and said thank you. Just that, thank you! He took a shower and left for work. Like it was an ordinary day. That’s how I remember my first time. No roses on the bed, no romantic songs. Those are only found in movies. It could have been worse, like on back seat of a car, or on his parent’s bed. It was my first time story, it was mine!