Real Life Stories, Secrets

Keep Going

Ooooooh, sooooo good! Oh, God… Fuck! (Keep going.)
I am buried in her, well, I am trying to bury myself in her, as she seems to have buried herself in me. This, for me, is more than just a fuck. I give an actual fuck about this one, more than I ever have with any one. The energy ebbs, for an instant before resurfacing with a vengeance, the ecstasy cools, then burns. I am almost there. She places her hands gently on my hips and pulls me towards her, big earnest eyes, pleading.
Keep going. Don’t stop.
So I do, responding to her every instruction, thrust after thrust. This is no longer physical. I am reaching for her very soul. I find a slice of heaven instead, somewhat painfully. The beautiful pain of pleasure? She smiles, satisfied and almost smug, as she watches me.
I love your fuck-face.

Why do I get the feeling you have more fun when I cum than I do?


Stroking my back gently, her warm soft hands reach up to my neck. She lingers at my ears, and presses them to my skull, turning her hands slowly to caress them with her wrists.
You like that, huh. (Yes, I do. Keep going.)
Stroking my hair now, the back of my head,
You have a good barber. Your hair is soft and I like the way it fades downward.

I’ll tell Maina you said that. (Arsenio Hall, baby!)

We are done for now. We have chased the dragon and we have caught it, it now lies writhing and sated within us, resting until the next… Until the next. I get off heaven’s stairwell and lie on her left. Our mouths, naturally, search for each other. This is the one Usher sang that song for, this woman.

Can I kiss you?

Of course. You don’t even have to ask.

Hot, wet, barely restrained, just barely. She is eating me, and I gladly offer myself up. She stops.

I could kiss you forever. (Keep going.)

Some part of my mind throbs, and will keep pulsating, for a long time, with that misunderstood of all feelings, the one that seems to creep up from the shadows and hold your heart and your sanity hostage. You know the one. I dare not speak it out loud, lest I spook her.

Wah, you are good! (Keep going, baby. Stroke this ego.)

I will not believe her. Humility becomes me, with her. In this, anyway.

You’re great too! You weren’t lying, yellow ngwacis are the best! Hii ni diabetes tu, nakuambia!


We sure are not talking about sweet potatoes. I love her laughter. It is pure. I smile in the darkness. In my conquest, it seems, I have been conquered. I wish I did not have to leave for so far, for so long, in the morning. This is more than just fucking. I hope she feels the same way. We whisper to each other, I tell of dreams and falling-outs, she of fears and setbacks. She is real, human, no frills, no chills. Who would not be enamoured by her? I kiss her fervent honeyed lips again. She searches it out, my tongue, and sucks on it, almost tearing it from its base. Is that blood I taste? No, that is heaven.
Eat me, take all of me. Keep going.
She brings tears to my eyes. Her hunger is pain. My pain. I stop her, gently biting on her lower lip, sucking on it, then biting a little harder. I am turned on again, but this one will have to wait. Tomorrow is for our fires. We draw close, her head on my chest, and she pulls up the blankets into some adequate enough cover. She will move away at some point in the night (morning?) I burn feverish, for some reason, superb for cold nights. This is not a cold night.


Our eyes crack open at about the same time. “Good morning”, we both say, and grin like idiots (we probably are). Kiss.

You feel nothing for morning breath.

Nope, and…

Slithering down, her thighs part gladly, willingly. I taste her softly, then nibble hungrily. Breakfast of champions.

Ooooooooh! Whaaaaaaat?! And you eat ngwacis in the morning!? (Keep going.)

Sweet sweet yellow sweet potatoes. Not for too long, just long enough, then… I am seeking for her soul again, inside her, half-deaf and hallucinating (this must be the diabetes.) Where did this goddess come from? Is that a phone ringing? No. We keep going. Then, a slight glance to the right, on the bedside chair. Hers, it is glowing. She turns my head back and stares… forces me to stare into her eyes. I could look into them forever. It stops ringing. Then starts again. Fucking annoying things.
Now what?! I have to take this.
As she does, I keep going. I love watching her trying to keep a straight face as she listens, then she mouths,
What?! Now!?
Pure irritation. She stops. Her change is dramatic. I stop completely.
That was my bro. They are coming over with my sister.

Where are they now?

They’ve just left church in Buru.

My bro drives fast… Like a maniac.

FUCK! Instantly limp and peeved, I slide out grudgingly and head to the shower. She tries to hold me back.
But, you didn’t cum… (Don’t stop. Keep going.)

I cannot.