Do you ever get so horny you just press your thighs together:  squeeze, let go, squeeze, let go until you’re so worked up you would come at a feather touch? Your clit so swollen that a tiny bit of pressure forces a shiver down your spine? Have you ever been so turned on a touch from any male makes your nipples hard and your pussy throb? Have you ever been so wet you soaked through your sensible panties and had to take a bathroom break to clean yourself up? Has your pussy ever been so hot with need you had to splash some water down there just to cool off? And the water just made things worse? The contrast between heat and cold taking you right to the peak of the most delicious pleasure? Have you ever been so needy all you wanted was a pair of lips on yours to suck all the feeling out of you and leave you exhausted from the pleasure of it all? Have you ever been so drunk in lust that all you needed was a hug and you’d find a way to end up in his bed with him deep inside you, your back arched to meet his thrusts and your eyes closed as you searched the darkness for oblivion? Yeah, me neither. image