Monday Morning Shenanigans

It’s Monday morning, you woke up at 3:30 am, showered with that expensive new perfumed soap, applied lavender scented EsteĆ© Lauder lotion, some lacy white undie and bra set, wore you new tight, short, red dress bila stockings, meticulously applied the barest minimum of make up you could manage – he preferred the natural look. You looked good. Too good. You were in fact irresistible today. He’d have no choice but to say yes… You get to the office at 6am. The door is locked. You’re disappointed as you let yourself in. He always get in by 5:30 am! The askari had told you, while joking about your late coming habits. Was he lying? You’re locking the door behind you when you notice a light coming from your left! it’s your office light. Who the hell would be snooping around your office at this time? You walk in, 10kg monster handbag ready to beat to a pulp the intruder! You walk in and there he is, by your desk, reading through some contracts. He turns quickly! “Who the hell is…?” His eyes widen when he sees you, looks you up and down. You can see the lust cloud his eyes. Victory! He wants you. He’ll have you. Right there on your desk. Early on a Monday morning. Shoes fly, panties drop, your dress is ripped. He’s brutal and you love it! 7a.m, you drive back home to get into you sensible pantsuit. 9a.m, you get to the office flushed in your hurry mumbling about the jam on Mombasa road. Everyone wonders why they haven’t fired you yet, for your late coming habit.