Niggas Ain’t Shit

Yeah I said it! Waswahili wasema “Mtoto umleavyo ndivyo akuavyo”. Would it be a surprise, if I told you that hakuna aliye tulea? Our fathers were busy plundering loot that they’re answering for now. Most of them were not at home long enough to realize there was a boy in there that needed to learn how to be a man.
 I have many female friends that happen to be single mothers. Each one with a harrowing story behind their current status. Testimonies to the beasts or cowards, Men have become. Though men have always been beastly, the one thing you could admire from our Fathers was their code of honor. If a man impregnated a lady, chances were he’d take care of her, openly or in secret but he’d do his part. How many funerals have you attended where a “New Family” appears to mourn the deceased man? The first Wife learns that her Husband had another family tucked away for decades? The present day boys won’t be in a Woman’s bed long enough for cum to dry, he nuts and boom, arathie akiumaga!
But this cowardly behavior is not restricted to the boudoir, even when men do manage to get into a Marriage or position of responsibility, they manage to fuck the pooch. In Game of Thrones, during the marriage ceremony, you are asked to cover your bride with a cloak. Signifying your protection over her. That is your job in that matrimonial home, a protector. How many Women know where their Men are this very moment? Some go days without seeing their husbands. Sometimes going to look for them at the nearest pub or the small SQ they’ve rented for their clandestine university lovers, to drag him home by the scruff of his lipstick colored neck just so the kids can see their Father. What is a home without its sworn protector? 
I do understand though, why Men tend to run away from responsibility. We have been born into a world we’ve been told we’re the masters of, a world which we have to lead. Leadership is a daunting prospect for many a lilly livered man. I do counter though,  that since we do enjoy the fruits of being men, like being considered for job and promotions, civic leadership, honorary positions, ahead of women, we must also take the bitter parts too. As long as we’ve relegated Women to always been a rung or two under us, we must behave like the Kings of the Hill that we’ve proclaimed ourselves to be.
This means fathering that child, being a husband to that Woman and a proper one at that, no one held a gun to your head to put a ring on it. Treating all women with respect and decorum, they are someone’s Mother or Daughter. If you are unable to do these things, then don’t have unprotected sex if you don’t want kids, don’t get into relationships you can’t manage. You need sex? We have Prostitutes
(Sex work is still work✊)
It really costs nothing to be a decent pile of flesh and bones.
And above all, quit being such a shit nigga, damn!