Of Teeth And Ball Busting Femmes

I woke up like this –> sore throat. Naturally (umm…coz I’m what they call a pervert), I thought of blowjobs and this girl pal that told me that if you’re not getting up with a sore throat and aching jaw then you’re doing it wrong. My reaction, like yours, was denial. Don’t we all like to think we’re the best at something? I’d like to say that this is another case of runaway human ego but no. It’s easy to get deluded when it’s about your head prowess. Why? Because both parties are just so happy we’ve grown past prude-ish, stiff upper lip, uppity-ness, that no one will risk telling the truth that more often than not, mouth-genital action is not all it’s cracked up to be. I know what you’re thinking girls. There’s no way 90% of all blowjobs given are bad because no bj is ever bad. WRONG! We give bad blowjobs All. The. Time. I have it on good authority that our head game is so whack he’d honestly forfeit the customary blowjob, as it’s mostly a turn off. Yes, your mouth is a turn off. What are you doing wrong? First, well, the obvious, you know it, I know it, and we should all be ashamed that we’re still doing it. I know it feels good when there’s kidogo contact, the smoothness on your roughness. Knowing, in that moment, that there’s something in your mouth harder than his ‘mighty’ rod. The feeling of power that runs through you when he flinches with the tiniest pressure. You’re on your knees but he might as well be gagged and handcuffed for he is at your mercy. You like to let him know it. Stop it! This moment is not about you girl! Stop using you teeth, you’re ruining head. Revenge for all the bad sex you’re having? Ever thought that damaging his equipment with the WMDs in your mouth mars his performance somewhat? That’s not all dearies. I know we’re generally not sports fans but that a poor excuse for the mediocre to downright sad ball play we’re engaging in! Eish! For people that complain a lot about the manhandling of body parts we sure as hell have no empathy! Popping balls all willy nilly into unforgiving mouths and causing untold damage to the DNA of countless generations harbored in those delicate sacks of delicious goodness! Have some compassion girl! Be nice to his equipment and maybe just maybe he’ll feel the need to take care of your cookie with just as much love and care. Don’t feel left out guys, your lecture on all matters warm and moist comes later today.