Short Cummings ;)

I used to think I was the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ kind of girl. The dream was to get someone that fit that description and had a great body to boot – abs that leave ridges on your face when you lie on his tummy and an ass that’d break your hand if you dared spank it! No skinny niggas for this broad, ah ah! I’m 5ft7″ and not mini at all! My head is big, my boobs are huge, my arms are long, constant is the struggle for a flat tummy, my ass ain’t flat and my thighs…woi! My thighs belittle the word thunder! Long legs, big feet… Only Stevie Wonder would call me petite. Tall, dark and handsome is the logical choice for me. I unfortunately (or so I used to think) only attract short, skinny men. I dated these men very very reluctantly…from 18 upwards the pressure to be in a relationship is insane and impossible to ignore. You know what I’m talking about so don’t judge. For most of you, your whole lives are dictated by peer pressure – career, car, house, furniture, your social life…Masaku 7’s anyone?  So my vice was dating short men just to have a boyfriend. For a long time I refused to admit that I was enjoying myself in these relationships, thoroughly!!! In time, I stopped bemoaning my lack of tall dates and polepole I started looking for reasons to not date these guys. Mara the hugs are awkward so he’s too tall. Then, he makes my feel like a kid walking with my dad every time we hold hands. Alafu, the D is too long and thin, too short and not fat at all…basically all that height takes away from the overall width, in all departments. What really took the cake was the fact that tall men have to strain to reach your boobs while doing the “Johann Ludwig Kraph” (missionary). You both have you be really bendy and it’s exhausting. Midgets, on the other hand, are at mouth level with my tits anytime! Case closed! I have a thing for short men. Eventually, I admitted it to myself, I’m into short skinny men. (Skinny so that he can fit between my heavy thighs without me having to overstretch…) So into them that I haven’t ever let a guy taller than 5ft9″ put his ding dong inside my secret chambers of creamy delights (the other stuff doesn’t count :-P)