Strokes And Woes

So I just saw people on Twitter talking about stroke game. I don’t care about how long you can hit it by the way, so long as you’re hitting the right spots I won’t last more than 5 minutes…true story! My beef with boys is where those strokes land. Ever been on doggy position then he slips out. and when he’s going back in fails to aim so that all that strength and enthusiasm land directly onto your clit by way of his wayward D?! You reposition and keep going until you’re through because in your lusty state you haven’t realized what just happened. Teren teren… 20 minutes after you’re done and you’ve cooled off you begin to notice a dull throb that soon turns into a full on tragedy on your nethers. The pain on your bruised and battered clit rivals that of a broken bone. Woe unto you if you have to leave his place anytime within the next 6 hours, you’re either doing the open thighed duck walk or the tightly held penguin. Tafadhali, I beg, don’t hurt her trying to prove your stroke game is better than her ex’s.