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beach Here and now, let me tell you today, NEVER EVER HAVE SEX AT THE BEACH!!! EVER!!! Why? Well, because it’s a really really bad idea for your genitals. So the year is…I can’t remember, and the waves are nice. It’s October, my birthday month and because it’s the beginning of my personal new year, I’m feeling optimistic as fuck!!! I need adventure and I need it now! What’s perfect for a Coastal girl like me? Well, beach sex of course! I’d lived in Mombasa almost all my life and certainly all my sex life and I had never gotten a chance to coit in the sand and salt. I’m not stupid and I listen to the sexual elders that came before me so I knew to avoid the sand as much as I possibly could. No romantic romps lying missionary on a picnic rug on the white glittery sands for me. I’m not a big fan of impromptu FGM via friction or the inevitable bacterial infections that would accompany such folly. I had, had a quickie by the beach once, with Johnny (*sigh*) of the 96 fucks, but that didn’t count because I was bent over from a standing position with my jeans and mother’s unions pulled down over my ass. We were hiding behind the perimeter wall of one of those Muhindi beach houses, it was dirty and sexy. Not romantic, salty and involving lost swimming bottoms…this is what I craved. Johnny’s almost, didn’t count. My October madness considered, I was mad. Crazy for some under water drilling. My old flame was back in the country from educational forays abroad and our first time on Kenyan soil was going to be in the Indian Ocean. Determination was me. He was scared of the choppy waters at first. It was a long time since he’d swam, and since the days of slavery, Africans are notoriously afraid of salty water (Dothraki references anyone?). After my best attempts at acting sexy and failing miserably at it, he followed me in (pity no doubt) We braved the waves that occasionally got the better of us. After swallowing a tonne of whale semen, the sexy bit begun. We were picking seaweed off each other when the tides literally turned. It got sexy so fast! I don’t know how else to explain it but I totally got wet, under water. I was so slippery it was hard to keep steady and told him that I needed to hold onto him to avoid drowning (really smooth, I know). He complied and I wrapped myself around him. His hands roamed and he found my tits, they were set off deliciously in my skimpy swim suit and I could feel the effect I had on him. At that moment I wished I’d taken him straight to bed so that I could explore that massive monster in his trunks intimately. He started playing with my clit but the salty water found its way under the hood. Kumbe that button is sensitive in more ways than one! Weh! I slapped his hands right off! THE PAIN!!!! I’m a determined, horny, little (not-so-little) fucker though, so I was going to finish what I’d started. Besides, anyone that gets a guy hard in such cold water had better finish what she started. Sio rahisi bana! He entered me and it felt soooo good. In and out I bobbed, the water covering me fully at times. I almost drowned trying to keep the movements going. Plus dick that good had me closing my eyes and I couldn’t look out for those killer waves. I kept going though. Because a Kamba girl is nothing if not dedicated. I’ve heard is said (by me) that “Joto ya wasichana wakamba ndio ilimaliza maji Ukambani”. #factsonly Apparently my pussy was just as good (if not better) as his dick and the man also closed his eyes. Sema wave kutulemea! At that very moment the biggest wave ever hit us and we were suddenly 4 feet under water. His dick stuck in me, my massive thighs wrapped around him, we sunk! Deep! I don’t know by what miracle we resurfaced I tell you, because believe it or not, even after about a few minutes fighting the water above us, we never separated. We breathed that air as one, massive dick still moving in and out of me, like our genitals didn’t even need air to go on. They were like “Y’all just do what you gotta do, we live and die fucking.” Apana, hapo I just said no! I cannot die like this! What would they tell my mother when they found my body floating in the Indian Ocean with that thing (probably still hard) inside me? I told him it was over. Thank you but this adventure was over. I was wrong! I hadn’t ever had anyone that large inside me and my body wasn’t used to providing the necessary amounts of juice to lube me up. The guy had rubbed me raw on the inside and the second he withdrew all the way, a rush of salty water rushed in to replace him! Guys, I’ve felt labour and that pain was nothing!!!! My pussy literally screamed in agony! I got to the shore and begged him to cover me with the leso I’d brought to wipe with as I washed my pussy with the fresh water he’d carried for drinking. People were watching but after a lot of consideration and my cookie hurling insults my way for subjecting her to such dire straits, I gave in, squatted and rinsed. It almost felt like an orgasm. My lips were so hot and swollen! And red!!! Never again I tell you! Never ever! Beach sex on my honeymoon? No, not me! My boo wasn’t spared though, the salt water had gotten into his small hole but because I finished all the water washing my poor pussy, he had to semi limp all the way home. I didn’t give up on adventure though, as I said before, I’m too horny to dwell on sexual mishaps.