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KAMITI Prisoners Demands Ultra Strong CONDOMS

It looks like a lot is going on ‘behind’ behind bars at KAMITI maximum prisons. The inmates during a recent HIV eradication meeting held by an NGO pleaded with them to supply free ultra strong condoms.”Its not a secret that prisoners are engaging in anal sex here this is an open secret here, we are pleading with you people to supply us with condoms we already have some but are not strong enough ” Samuel Kiraitu addressing the summit.
The chances of contracting the virus is highly probable during anal sex given the high friction encountered hence those engaging are at a greater risk compared to heterosexual. Do you support that the prisoners should be supplied with more condoms?
REBLOGGED FROM: Nairobi Exposed http://nairobiexposed.blogspot.com/2014/10/kamiti-prisoners-demands-ultra-strong.html
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