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The Californian assembly has passed a law that requires all performing actors in the adult entertainment industry to wear condoms. This was passed after aggressive lobbying by an Anti-AIDS NGO. They argued that the porn industry exposes participants to a high risk of AIDS and other venereal diseases. Understandably this has driven down production, forcing production companies to relocate to neighboring Las Vegas which has less stringent laws governing the adult entertainment industry.┬áIt seems porn actors are not the only ones shirking from prophylactics, just last week a survey determined that girls between the ages of 15-25 don’t use protection during sex. Driving up sex related infections at a deathly rate. I’m not baffled. Not at all. Have you ever had sex? Unprotected? If you haven’t, let me give you a sneak peek. When your dick is enveloped in her fleshy folds, and her wetness coats your phallus, you will know unbound ecstasy. When you grab hold of her thick hips as you disappear into her plump ass and she trembles from pleasure, that will be the moment every sinew in your body will shoot into the stratosphere. That is unprotected sex. I understand why these American porn stars are miffed. They get to screw some of the most beautiful and sexually-wanton women in the world, why would they want to ruin that with a condom? Porn is hard work, try NOT cumming when screwing two Latino bombshells for an hour straight! They might as well enjoy it without a rubber if you ask me. I have no qualms about having sex without protection, my concern is though, is it worth it? The world has changed. Its a far cry from the free love age of the 70s. We are victims of our era. AIDS, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and most recently Ebola. These are the assailants of our private parts in the quest to have an orgasm. These have killed scores upon scores. How are we to win this war when these diseases are attached to the human sexual instinct? Its not like we can have it surgically removed. Some have medication, the most dangerous ones don’t. Preventive measures are the next best thing. Chief among them, condoms. Our American porn heroes are against condoms because they have stringent testing measures put in place. They must be tested every two weeks! Reputable porn production companies won’t let you work without proof of testing. Save for a few isolated incidences of infection, they have largely been successful. For the rest of us, that is a measure we have not adopted. Yet we are the first ones to drop our pants in the dark alley behind the club for the hot guy who could Skelewu better than Davido, without asking if he has a condom. Ours is a generation come of age. While the Western nations had centuries to come to grips with their sexuality, we have just arrived at the realization that Sex sio tambia mbaya as our beloved parents led us to believe. Couple that with the ever expanding reach of the Internet and we have ourselves a combustible population ready and willing to do anything to get off. Diseases not being the only by-product of condom less sex, unplanned pregnancies are also in tow. Giving birth to another generation that won’t be taught anything of value by the preceding one, paying directly for the sins of the father. And the vicious cycle continues. Tupac Shakur, thug-extraordinaire spent most of his life running from the police and dodging rival gang bullets, and even he wasn’t oblivious to the dangers of not wearing a condom. Rapping “Pack a vest (jacket) for your Jimmy in the city of sex” on the song California Love. Its been over two decades since his demise and you can tell safe sex isn’t a Noughties fad. It would be such a shame to lose your life, indulging in something as mind blowing as sex, and anyway, even a pencil has a rubber on its tip.