The Vagina Verse

He said He’d give us good women in all corners, then he made the world round Then laughed his ass off without making a damn sound I speak to a chick, she think my shit is profound Then I make her cum so many times that she lose count.

First its hi there, and its nice to meet ya Scope the pedicure then her backyard features If she keep stroking her hair then I’m a hit that Till that pussy red like the wrapper of a KitKat I’m equal opportunity but I like it if her ass fat.

So when she sits on my face I’m breathing like I have a gas mask If she call me and get rejected that means I blocked her They get possessive coz I eat pussy like it was prescribed by Doctor When she blows me, she gagging I throw her some Cofta Then she suck it till she’s all blue, Diego Costa.

Sometimes they need instructions so I’m like “You gotta swallow it this way” So before she rides, she spits on it like Shetani Ashindwe After four rounds she get tyred like Kingsway I just made her pussy creamy like chocolate swirl Then make her call two of her friends now its the Powerfpuff girls Mess up their self-esteem and Yaki Brazilian curls.

They say that D built like a bruiser Coo at my girl and tell her she lucky I chose her. In her campus dorm I hit it before she does her homework like Eve D’Souza. Sure baby you can play a love song And fantasize. She want me to wear a rubber, I didnt know they made protection in my size So when you’re hearing her sharp cries I’m on the 51st shade in between her thighs.

Its the Knight that gives you a facial Been in love with the Kardashians so I’m trying to do it interracial Thats three sisters and I, you gotta love the ratio My verses are Classic like that station on the radio.