Yikes! Sah! Your Ting Be Too Big.

image Eish! That’s tear your pussy up dick! Look at it! See it!!! Massive! Yeah white people, that’s what we’ve got lurking in our African ‘bushes’ (*slow winks). When I come across dicks longer than 7″ I just offer to give head. The vajay is 6″ long at best bana! How on earth is it going to accomodate those mandingo like contraptions some of you are harboring between your thighs? I have this friend that once ‘entertained’ some Nairobian fella down in Mombasa for a weekend of partying. A Kamba girl this one (yeah, I’m big on stereotypes, get over it). Instead of taking my 7″ advice she decided her cutch was eager for the challenge. Weh! One night of balls deep-ing with this merciless Nairobian and she had to call in the troops, LL and I, to carry her to the hospital! Between our endless laughter, the nurse’s cluck clucking and the pain in her uterus she swore never to never ever go past 5″. Dick ambitions akawacha. They proved to be unhealthy. If you know you’ve got a D longer than the average vagina is deep then please be kind. Your default mode should be ‘tactician’. Survey the pit and decide what moves best suit your partner. Don’t ruin sex for that poor girl.